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Terms & Conditons 

  • TICKET SALES – tickets are sold subject to Terms and Conditions rules and policies as displayed on the premises. All riders must complete the Membership Application, Release and Indemnity Form before purchasing tickets. All Tickets are valid for the date of purchase only and are supplied on a per person basis. Riders must agree to and accept the rules of the track and the terms of the indemnity form before buying tickets. Tickets are not transferable.

  • DRESS STANDARDS – All riders must wear enclosed protective footwear. Some loan shoes of limited sizes are available at the counter. Long Sleeve protective clothing is recommended.

  • WHAT IS A RACE SESSION – All “Arrive & Drive” kart sessions are 10 minutes in duration. Grand Prix race events are 8 laps duration by heats. Endurance race events are run by the selected timing session.

  • RIDE RESTRICTIONS – Restrictions such as height, weight and/or physical ability apply to some go-karts and amusements. You accept the risks of taking part in those activities and should make your own assessment of those risks before doing so. You must obey all safety signs and warnings. 

  • HEALTH WARNING – Because of the extreme forces and excitement created by go-karting and amusements, riders should be in good health and free from any physical limitations or medical conditions, including but not limited to neck weakness, back weakness, recent surgery, broken bones, heart conditions, nervous disorders, motion sickness and epilepsy. Management recommends that pregnant women should not ride the karts and amusements without medical approval. It is the responsibility of the supervising career or guardian of anyone of diminished intellectual or physical capacity to notify Kart Mania Gepps Cross in writing of that diminished capacity. For safety reasons, people with diminished capacity will not be permitted to participate in any Kart Mania Gepps Cross Sprint or endurance events.

  • KART RACING CAN BE DANGEROUS – It is possible that serious injury may occur as other riders may be of limited skill and ability. All riders must accept the risks associated with racing in mixed groups and must obey all instructions from track marshals.

  • NO GLASS POLICY – As a safety precaution, Kart Mania Gepps Cross has a “NO GLASS”policy. When you enter the complex, you must hand in to Kart Mania Gepps Cross any glass containers in your possession. Those containers will be returned to you at your request when you exit the complex. Containers which are not collected within seven (7) days will be treated as abandoned and Kart Mania Gepps Cross has the right to dispose of them.

  • NO DOGS POLICY – Due to Local council bylaws no dogs are to be on site.

  • CODE OF CONDUCT – All riders must observe the marshals’ instructions and behave in a sensible and proper manner whilst on and off the rides. No foul language or abusive behaviour will be tolerated, offenders will be asked to leave. Management reserves the right to terminate any driver’s karting should it be determined that they are affected by drugs or Alcohol. No refunds will be given for uncompleted rides.

  • SLIP SLOP SLAP – Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat. This is good advice for all visitors to the complex. Management also suggests that you drink lots of water whilst enjoying your day at the centre.

  • LOST PROPERTY – Management does not look after personal belongings and will not accept claims or lost property. Management suggests that patrons use the lockers provided for storing valuables.

  • DAMAGE TO PROPERTY – Due to the physical exertion placed on riders, management suggest that you make your own assessment of the forces of the ride and by purchasing a ticket you have accepted the risk of damage to clothing and belongings. NB: No free-flowing robes, scarves or clothing is permitted on the karts or rides




  • MINIMUM NO. DRIVER REQUIREMENTS – Enduro events – 18 Drivers / Grand Prix events – 8 Drivers

  • INDEMNITY FORMS – Drivers are reminded that Go Karting can be a dangerous recreational past time and injuries may occur. Please read the indemnity forms carefully before approving the waiver.

    Arrive & Drive - Drivers Minimum age 12 years, Minimum height 150cm
    Junior Grand Prix - Drivers Minimum age 12 years, Minimum height 150cm

      Standard Grand Prix - Drivers Minimum age 16 years, Minimum height 150cm

      Super Grand Prix, Drivers Minimum age 16 years, Minimum height 150cm

      Dual Karts: Driver minimum age18 years, Minimum height 150cm / Passenger Minimum Age 5 years, Minimum height 110cm.

      Manufactures maximum driver weight limit for karts is 110kg.
      Karting: All drivers under the age of 18 require Parent/Guardian consent is required.
      For drivers safety, all hair longer than shoulder length is required to be tied up and retained in the helmet.

  • TRACK RULES – Organizers of events are responsible for the conduct of the invited guests and will ensure that all drivers comply with the track rules as displayed and that they will follow instructions as given by the marshals.

  • DEPOSITS – A 4 kart, non-refundable deposit is required a minimum 2 weeks prior to the event date to secure any function. Deposits will not be refunded should you cancel within 14 days prior to the event. In such an event the client accepts that all prepayments will be forfeited.

  • PAYMENT TYPES – We accept Cash, EFT deposits and credit cards. Cheques will not be accepted without prior management approval. A surcharge may apply to premium credit card, debit card and American Express transactions.

  • SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS – Specific requirements for your race event including number of drivers, trophies and catering, all need to be finalized, confirmed in writing and all outstanding monies paid as per the event trading terms 7 days prior to the event date.

  • CANCELLING OR CHANGING EVENT DATES – Kart Mania Gepps Cross will always make every effort to assist you in changing your event dates, but please be advised that we require a minimum of 14 days’ notice in order to alter or cancel your booking. Should you choose to cancel without the required notice in writing there will be no refunds of the monies paid. 

  • LOSS OF DEPOSITS – Any event rescheduled by the client less than 14 days prior to the event, will incur a full loss of the deposit paid.

  • Any event rescheduled by the client less than 14 days prior to the event, will incur a full loss of the deposit paid.

  • IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER – It is at the discretion of Kart Mania Gepps Cross management to continue to race the full track. Drivers will be permitted to continue if the precipitation is light and intermittent but where constant rain falls, a decision to change to the full indoor track may be made by Kart Mania Gepps Cross management. 

  • NO SHOWS – Final Driver Numbers must be confirmed 7 Days prior to your Event Date. Please note that minimum numbers apply, and No Refunds or Credits will be given for No Shows.

  • REFUND POLICY – If your race is unfortunately cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, drivers will receive a replacement pass for the unused portion of your ticket, the replacement tickets are valid for 3 months from date of your original booking. Refer to our refund policy as displayed for full details.

  • EARLY ARRIVAL – Please make sure that all drivers arrive at Kart Mania Gepps Cross 45 minutes prior to your event. Late arrivals which impact on the late running of the days racing may result in your event being shortened without refund due to the strict time restraints at the center.


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